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Probate includes drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health directives and all of the documents required for each of us contemplating what we want to have happen when we die and when we become critically ill. A “Dying Request” is also now part of the probate practice, which allows for the legal right to die. That legislation became effective as of June 2016.

iStock-589584162-optimizedThere are circumstances when family members, beneficiaries, and or the executors or trustees raise issues with a will or trust that end up in litigation. I have represented clients in both will contests and trust litigation. If there is no potential for settling the issues in this type of litigation, I am a strong advocate. My trial experience is of great benefit to my clients when litigation becomes necessary due to the trial skills I have developed over the years of my practice.

I approach my will and trust disputes with the knowledge that too often the parties, usually family members, fighting with each other and end up spending most or a good chunk of the money they could inherit on the litigation. I will always diligently seek early resolution with the opposing party(ies) in the event the expense of litigation can be avoided. If it is not possible, you will find me ready to represent your interests to the fullest.

More and more often trustees need the assistance of legal counsel in fulfilling the obligations of trustee. One of the reasons trustees hire legal counsel is to make sure any required legal notifications are prepared and sent. Often there are problems that require negotiating among the beneficiaries. Working with financial institutions can be challenging which makes hiring an attorney to assist in the administration of a trust desirable. And often there are legal questions or concerns, which need to be answered. I am experienced in trust administration. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice. I have also assisted clients who are the beneficiaries and want to know the the trustee is working in the best interests of the beneficiaries. Most often problems in trust and estate distribution are best resolved by working out a resolution that my insole a compromise for all parties but will save thousands in legal fees. 

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My office will provide thorough and considerate legal assistance to you in all probate matters. Please call my office so we can discuss how I am able to assist you.


personal-injury-iconCivil Litigation

This is a general area of legal practice for clients needing legal help to be compensated with monetary damages. I want to provide  my legal experience to help my clients with recovery for physical injuries that leave you emotionally and physically suffering. These injuries can result from all types of causes – falls, dog bites, bicycle accidents and car accidents.

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family-law-iconFamily Law

When you decide to call a family law attorney for advice, typically your personal circumstances are extremely difficult, usually emotionally charged, and stressful. The unknowns about what will happen regarding children, finances, and how to divide property can be frightening. The types of problems that lead you to make this call for help can be effecting you, your children if you have any,  your extended family and friend, and even your employer.

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